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  • Locations: Vellore, India
  • Program Terms: Spring Travel, Summer Travel
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  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Program Description:
The Christian Medical College

The Christian Medical College Vellore Association is a private inter-denominational Christian organization. The object of the Association is the establishment, maintenance and development of a Christian Medical College in India where women and men shall receive an education of the highest grade in the art and science of Medicine and Nursing or in one or other of the related professions, to equip them in the spirit of Christ, for service in the relief of suffering and the promotion of health. The medical college is affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University, Chennai, India.

The Christian Medical College & Hospital community is made up of an interesting and diverse group of people - students and faculty come from all over India and a number of other countries, such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Elective students and volunteer workers come from Australia, Britain, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand. This interchange between varied people and cultures has been found to be mutually beneficial. It is hoped that you too will find it so and that your time in Vellore will be enjoyable and satisfying.

When you come to C.M.C. for an elective period, you come not just to attend classes and clinics, see patients in the out-patient clinics and wards, and to take part in other academic activities, but you also come to live in the community. The cultural expectations and norms of behaviour of a community here in India, and especially of a Christian community, may be different from that in your own college and to which you are accustomed. Foreign students coming here must be aware of and sensitive to these differences, and while here, consciously try to accept the norms of this community for the period of their stay. The C.M.C. community is diverse, and there is no uniformity of values but there are some patterns and practices, common in student communities in some other countries, which are alien to the norms here.

We would welcome you to participate in as many institutional community activities as possible to enable you to understand the traditions and ethics of the place. We would specially invite you to attend worship programmes in English on all Sundays in either the College or Hospital Chapels. Members of the Evangelical Union of India meet in the College campus every Sunday. You can find the place of meeting with the help of the staff of the Principal’s Office.

Apart from the specific departments to which you would like to be posted, you may find it useful to attend some of the teaching programmes arranged for the final year clinical students, details of which may be obtained from the Curriculum Office situated on the hospital campus.

Tamil is the language spoken by most of the people in the state of Tamil Nadu where Vellore is located. The national language, Hindi, is also spoken. However, many South Indians, including shopkeepers, know English, so most visitors who speak English, do not have too much trouble making themselves understood. Elective students may need to ask someone to help translate when talking to patients. However, English is the medium of instruction in the college.

Foreign Medical Students
Placements are offered throughout the year. The Supervisor who is the overall in-charge of the foreign medical students is the Vice-Principal (undergraduate medical education). The contact details are as follows:

Vice Principal (UG), Principal’s Office, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India – 632002.
Email: or
Phone: 0416-2284480, 0416-2284351


I) Elective Student: 
Period of Study: The elective period shall not normally exceed 12 weeks. 

Availability of Placements: There is an upper limit on the number of placements offered at any given time.

Clinical Posting during Elective Programme
The clinical posting will be organized by the respective departments. The posting will consist of outpatient clinics, ward rounds, bedside clinical teaching, academic sessions, lectures, and operation theatre. You will be allowed to work up patients by yourselves with permission of the treating physician and the patient. You will not be allowed to prescribe and perform procedures.
Choosing Clinical Postings for Your Elective
The elective programme is planned in a flexible way to ensure that you experience the range of clinical medicine that is practiced in India. We would like you to choose your postings at the application phase in order to ensure a good learning experience. The form for submitting your choice of clinical postings is given towards the end of this information sheet and is also available on-line and may be down loaded for use. Alternatively, it will be sent to you from Principal’s office on request.

The suggestions provided below give you details about departments and undergraduate curriculum schedule. This will help you choose your postings appropriately. We will try and provide postings that are suited to your learning needs. However, if the slot for a chosen clinical posting is not available during your elective period, we will advise you to choose another posting from the available vacant slots.

We advise one posting under each of the following categories:
• Option 1: One or more clinical postings of your choice which need not be with medical students (between 2 - 4weeks)

• Option 2: A posting in Community health care (2 - 4 weeks) at any one of the departments below
  • CHAD (Community Health and Department)
  • RUHSA (Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs)
  • LCECU (Low Cost Effective Care Unit)
• Option 3: A posting along with undergraduate students at Christian Medical College at your corresponding academic level (between 1 - 4 weeks). To help you make your choice please refer to the Undergraduates MBBS clinical posting schedule at CMC, for the entire course given at the end of this document.

 The above options are only a guideline. All the postings that you choose may be under a particular option and not necessarily one posting under each option. Please specify the posting that you would like to select under options 1, 2 and 3 and also mention the duration of each posting with the exact dates, in the application form for Clinical postings. We will not be able to change your schedule after arrival.

Evaluation of Elective Students
Elective students who come to Christian Medical College, Vellore will be evaluated by the departments that they are posted with. A final evaluation report, with copies of clinician’s evaluation form will be provided at the end of the posting. We also request you to send us by e-mail, a copy of the report that you submit to your university.

II) Visitor Observer:
A student can come as a “VISITOR OBSERVER”, provided no official certification for the time spent here is required. As the name suggests, you will be allowed to observe the various activities in the hospital and in the community, in areas of your choice. Please note that as a visitor observer: 

(1) The College will not issue any certificate/assessment paper and 
(2) This period shall not exceed 4 weeks. However, arrangements can be made for the student to spend an additional 2 weeks in mission hospitals nearby, if the student so wishes. 

Allied Health Course Students (OT/PT, etc.)
There are programs available for foreign students  who are interested in studying allied health courses  (such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy & other courses). Such students need to get in touch with the office of the Principal (, stating when they would like to visit. They will  then be instructed on how to proceed.

Visiting Overseas Nursing Students
The History of College of Nursing (CON)
Training for Nursing students was initiated in 1907, which was upgraded to a Higher grade Training School in 1909. Till 1967 there was a Tutor course which was replaced by Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing program.

In 1946 the first 4 year Baccalaureate program in the country was started and became affiliated to the Madras University and later to The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai. Since then Post Basic Diploma in Nursing, Fellowship in Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing & PhD in Nursing programmes are also being offered.

The Structure of the College of Nursing:
The Dean is the administrative and academic Head of the College of Nursing. She is assisted by one Deputy Dean and four Additional Deputy Deans, each responsible for one of the
following programmes:

1. M.Sc.Nursing
2. B.Sc. Nursing
3. P.B.B.Sc. Nursing & Visitor Observers
4. Diploma Nursing
5. Post Basic Diploma Programmes in Nursing

Special Features of the College of Nursing:
The College of Nursing, had been recognized in 2000, by Government of India, as an “Institute of Excellence in India”. The College conducts training programmes in Community
Health Nursing, Midwifery Education and Development and different specialities in Adult Nursing, sponsored by WHO at the regional level [South East Asia Region (SEAR)]. Trainees from different parts of India are sponsored by WHO to undergo training in Emergency and Trauma Nursing, which is a National Training Program. The College of Nursing has grown to meet the diverse health needs of people and its contribution in preparing quality health care personnel is significant. Recognizing this, the World Health Organization has designated the College of Nursing as a “WHO Collaborating Center” for Nursing and Midwifery Development since 2003. The College has become a member of the “Global Network” for WHO Collaborating Centers. It is also certified as a study centre for National PhD Consortium by Indian Nursing Council and WHO. The College of Nursing is offering Fellowship in Family Nurse Practice from 2005, Fellowships in Hematology Nursing and Respiratory Nursing from 2007 and Fellowship in Paediatric Critical Care Nursing from 2014. The College of Nursing is publishing a biannual registered national nursing journal titled “India Journal of Continuing Nursing Education” (IJCNE) since 2000.

Types of visits possible to College of Nursing
The students can come as a Visitor Observer to any speciality in Nursing. The specialities offer different types of services and learning experiences. As a Visitor Observer, one can observe the nursing care and learn about the diseases which are found in developing countries. The different specialities in Nursing include Medical, Surgical, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Emergency & Trauma, Renal, Oncology, Neurology, Cardiovascular, Cardiothoracic, Respiratory, Burns, Rehabilitation, Community Health, Mental Health and various other specialties.

The College of Nursing has a Nurse Managed Community Health Nursing Program since 1987 which is a unique feature where the nurses deliver the health care services through home visits and clinics. This also provides opportunity to learn about the Indian Villages, their administrative set up, and also health care delivery system in rural and urban India.

As a Visitor Observer you will be able to visit the area of your interest and learn the various set-ups, care provided and the special procedures done in the particular area

The Dean, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, 632004
Phone No: 91-416-3077004/3077002

For accommodation, please contact the Deputy Director, International affairs, Office of the Directorate, CMC (at the e-mail address will be arranged on the campus to the extent possible. If accommodation is not available in the campus, then you will be directed to accommodation outside the college premises. A list of hotels is included in the PDF file below. Please contact them to make your bookings before you set out. Confirmation should be obtained of your accommodation before arrival, as finding accommodation after arrival in Vellore is difficult.

What to Bring
It is advisable to have a good torch/flashlight for walking about the campuses at night and for unannounced power cuts which may occur. All toilet articles such as soap, powder, shaving cream and blades, toilet paper, shampoos, sanitary napkins, tampons, etc are readily obtainable in local shops. Black and white film and colour photographic film are also easily available but if you are used to a particular type of film, it may be advisable to bring your own.

In general, the only medical instrument that needs to be brought is a stethoscope. Reflex hammers can be borrowed and ophthalmoscopes are available in the hospital. Electricity supply is 220 volt, AC, 50Hz. Please bring a few copies of your passport sized photographs, copies of the pages of your passport with visa and your photograph for police verification.

For more information, please review the documents below:

CMC Vellore Elective and Visitor Observer Brochure 2017
CMC BANK Details
CMC- MCI Application

Jefferson Student Reports/Journals - Christian Medical College
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Please Note: Some journals have more than one page. To browse through the pages, use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the journal screen.

This program is currently not accepting applications.